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Kubica has 'no regrets' as his larger goal of racing again in F1 was achieved

The Polish racer never thought he could make a return to F1 after his horrific incident.

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Robert Kubica says he has no regrets on returning to F1 despite it being a tough run as nobody had put a gun on his head to compete.

From 30,000 ft, Kubica's 2019 season has been terrible, and while the Polish driver, who has been consistently last, admits this, he was quick to say he has no regrets about returning to F1, after a multi-year hiatus which was caused by a rallying accident.

It hasn't been easy for Kubica as Williams' disastrous run co-incided with his epic return to F1 when it didn't look like that he will be ever going to race in a single-seater car after the horrific rally incident nearly a decade ago. But determination won over.

He pushed on, even with the injured hand, and finally made his F1 return with Renault in a test run. It kick-started the journey for a full-time comeback with Williams in 2019 but it lived short as he decided to move on, without any certainty of another return ever.

But Kubica has regrets when asked by me/FormulaRapida.net. "I would not regret, first of all, because nobody had put a gun to me when I was deciding," he said. "I think I have spent last year with the team and I knew that it would not be easy.

"Of course we did face some more issues than last year, especially in the beginning of the year, which were very unfortunate, and I think we kept paying a bill for very long, longer than people think [in the season].

"And still my goal was to come back in the highest motorsport category, which I would be able to race, and from a human point of view - and also - personal point of view, this has been a great achievement [certainly with the injuries I have had]."

Kubica reiterated that his decision was made by passion eventually with a set goal in mind. Even though he wasn't able to fulfill everything he set out for but the larger picture was achieved as he thanked Williams and its members for the supreme support.

"As a race driver, this season has been very tough, but first the decision was made by passion, by trying to achieve a goal, and the mission which I had, and of course the outcome is not as everybody was hoping, not only myself but everyone in the team, but that's life, that's motorsport, that's F1," said Kubica.

"This is why F1 is so exciting and so difficult. And I think, I hope for Williams although I will not be here, they will get better times, and they will be able to raise their game, especially for the guys who are working and who have been working with me for the season.

"They have been always pushing in difficult situations. It's very easy to lose motivation [due to the adverse results], but they didn't and they really deserve an easier life. An easier life means a faster car - when you have a faster car, for everyone is easier."

[Image courtesy: Williams] [Note: This story was also co-written by Duncan Leahy on FormulaRapida.net]

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