- A Stinger, with no sting in the tail...

KW Suspensions Variant 3 Coilover Kit For The Kia Stinger

KW Suspensions knows that being first to market with any product always gives the upper hand, particularly when the car in question is the latest, rear wheel drive sports saloon from Kia - the Stinger. In GT-S format this car is a genuine competitor for four door performance supremacy, challenging the likes of fast Audis, M-series BMWs and even a certain sector of the AMG crowd for more door leadership. Of course, if you’re in the market for a snarling V6, rear wheel drive uber saloon, then there’s every chance that spirited driving and, who knows… maybe even the occasional trackday, will be high on the agenda. And with stiff competition from a host of German and Italian four door rivals KW knows that providing an edge through visceral, predictable handling and ride comfort will always have some fans out there in the land of aftermarket tuning.

Now that's a kit!

That’s where the latest Variant 3 coilover kit proves exceptionally talented. Trying to tame 365bhp, 0-62mph in 4.9secs and a top speed of 168mph makes the job of the V3 coilover kit a particularly daunting one. Developed to allow upto 45mm of ride height reduction both front and rear for perfect corner weighting, the two-way adjustable shocks allow for independent compression and rebound forces to be tuned. On request, the manually adjustable dampers can be set in the compression or rebound phases with 12 or 16 clicks respectively to accentuate either a comfortable, relaxed ride, or sharp, precise damping characteristics. Either way you’re assured of the best of both worlds with a KW solution. This duality of purpose makes the Variant 3 kit perfect for those who primarily use the vehicle as a road car but may occasionally hop onto a track for a few hot laps now and then.

With 365 bhp on tap, the Stinger is ripe for suspension mods!

The Variant 3 is available for the current KIA Stinger (CK) and it gives the Korean Gran Turismo a sportier driving behaviour without forgetting about compliance. The desired lowering can be adjusted within the tested range between 25 - 45 millimetres, and it caters for all KIA Stinger models with or without four-wheel drive.

If the Stinger is equipped with adaptive damping from the factory, the V3 kit can be supplied with a cancellation kit which plugs into the factory sensors using a compatible connector that allows all of the other electronic and dynamic assistance systems to remain active. It’s this sort of attention to detail that really separates the quality of KW coilover kits from the crowd.

Kia surprised the world with the Stinger. KW help it to raise the bar further...

Thanks to two-stage compression valves in the KW Variant 3 kit, even at closed compression, a preconfigured high-speed compression valve opens when driving over bumps or transverse joints, so that the wheels still maintain movement and contact with the Tarmac without any performance loss.

With a reduced rebound force, the comfort increases, while with an increased rebound force the handling is stiffened, and the bodywork vibrations are reduced. At very high speeds, this is mainly noticeable by the better road holding and the precise handling of the KIA Stinger. However you approach the setup of your Korean uber saloon, you can rest assured that KW is here to make it even better.

How much? £1772 inc. VAT for car without electronic dampers, £1957 inc VAT for cars with electronic dampers.