KYMCO has revealed its first electric superbike

The specs of this silent killer are very attracting as well

2y ago

KYMCO who is usually known for making electric scooters has unveiled its very first electric superbike the SuperNEX.

Don't think just because it is electric it won't kill you with 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) just taking 2.9 seconds making it one of the fastest accelerating electric motorbikes ever made.

If you have the guts to take it from 0-200 km/h (124 mph) it will take 7.5 seconds. But you must be truly brave or incredibly insane to take it from 0-250 km/h (155 mph) in 10.9 seconds.

Usually that sort of dangerous acceleration fun is left to professional riders but thanks to KYMCO's Full Engagement Performance system it helps less experienced bikers to get a chance to have a go as well.

This system will also help you with popping wheelies, launch control, rear brake lift control, traction control and a whole lot more. The top speed of this silent beast is 250 km/h (155 mph) and will have a 6-speed transmission gearbox to go along with it.

There hasn't been any details so far on the price, specs on the engine or when it might go into production. But hopefully those details will be released soon.

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Comments (6)

  • I hope they've got some loud synthesised "brrrrrm-brrrrm" sounds to go with it.

    Otherwise it'll be "not heard" in addition to not seen.

      2 years ago
  • Ok, price ?

      2 years ago
  • Looks pretty nice although I think we should go more out of the box with electric motorcycles. Current motorcycles are partially designed that way due to the restraints on the technology.

    You need a big engine somewhere low down with a chain or shaft drive. This already determines a big part of your design. With electric motorcycles there is a chance to do this differently.

    I would love to see an all out prototype with for instance the motors in (both) the wheels and hub steering or something crazy.

    This looks good but I wouldn't look twice at it on the road

      2 years ago
  • Can't wait to find out the battery life at 150mph...

    Or the charging time - but you can't deny those crazy figures! Kymco of all brands is the last I'd expect to develop this

      2 years ago