Kyosho's First ever

The Dash 1 - it doesn't get more vintage than this

A couple of years back I came across this - at that time unknown to me - model. I liked it because of the Porsche 917 body, which was made out of GFK.

Google helped me to find out more about the car. It emerged that this is a true rarity. The first ever radio controlled model of japanese manufracturer Kyosho, called Dash 1. They even have information about the model on their homepage:

The chassis is in very good, nearly-as-new shape. No scratches. Only a bit of dust. The tires seemed almost new as well. The engine showed traces of nitro-fuel. So I think somebody was not very successfull in starting the engine and running the car, which was not so easy in those days.

The car now waits for somebody with enough time and knowledge to complete it and maybe run it. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you are interested in the model, don't hesitate to contact me.

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