Kyusha Love.

    JDM classic cars, what's not to love?

    "Kyusha", is a Japanese word meaning "old car".

    For car lovers, the variety is huge. The super/hypercars always gets a lot of love because not only they have outstanding performance, but also(most important), they LOOK COOL, just like superstars. To me however, the classics always gets my heart. The particular reason why I prefer(and love) classic cars is because they have CHARACTER. Some say, "old(classic) cars, they're like fine wine, the older the better", and I totally agree with that.

    In this article, the focus will be on JDM(Japanese Domestic Market) classics. "The Land of the Rising Sun" surely brought out some very iconic and unforgettable cars that lots of us knew(and loved)! I particularly love the cars from the '70s, on paper, the performance is certainly no match comparing to modern standards, but what fascinates me the most, is that they have their own(and unique) style of how they present themselves(especially the looks).

    While keeping the original, clean exterior, with the help of some minor customizations like putting on a set of proper wheels and a decent drop in ride height, the results can be very different(btw, I'm really not a fan of the "Bozosoku" style which goes full bonkers). I arranged a small gathering for this photoshoot, please enjoy!

    From left to right: Mazda RX-3 Savanna(S124), Toyota Corolla Levin(TE27), Toyota Celica LiftBack (TA27), Nissan Fairlady Z(S30), Nissan Skyline GT-X(KGC10), Nissan Laurel SGX(C130), Nissan Skyline GT-R(PGC10), Nissan Laurel SGX(C130*with rear spoiler), Nissan Skyline GT-R(KPGC10), Nissan Skyline GT-R(KPGC110), Toyota Celica GT(TA22), Toyota Sprinter Trueno(TE27), Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO GSR(A57), all produced by Ignition model.

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    • That hero image has to go on the LaLD Instagram. Great shots!

        1 month ago
    • I think I’d have to pick the blue Celica and the Laurel on the left side as my top two!

        1 month ago


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