La Carrera del Diablo: A Mexican Cannonball Dream I've Started Planning.

Now that the Cannonball record is 26 hours and 38 minutes and it's unlikely to get much less as Coronavirus gave an advantage, I propose a new mission

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Over the years, plenty of people have decided to take on the Cannonball run, a race from the Red Ball Garage in New York to the Portofino Hotel in Los Angeles. If you've ever watched VinWiki on YouTube you're undoubtedly aware that it's creator Ed Bolian was a record holder.

This month two, yet to be named, people set a new record at 26 hours and 38 minutes. They used the lack of traffic and the police presence during the Coronavirus as an advantage, leading many to say it shouldn't be taken as the real record and so on. I don't want to get into that discussion but it did get me thinking.

My Idea

Is it time for a new Cannonball challenge to be introduced, maybe one south of the US border? I say south of the border for no other reason than it is where I am currently living. I think it's time Mexico gets a Cannonball, it is the home of the Carrera Panamerica after all. I'm writing this setting out what route and time I want to hit, however in reality I have no idea what is possible and I'm giving myself a year to get a car sorted and plan this out, so I guess I'm more so writing this hoping someone comments and tells me they did this route in X time or that there is already a Mexican Cannonball I'm not aware of.

Poll at bottom

Let me know in the poll at the bottom whether you think the Cannonball is a dream you would love to try or a pointlessly dangerous endevour.

The Route

The 4,413 km route will begin outside the El Cielo Winery & Resort in Baja California and end at the entrance to the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun. Yep, this is going to be one long run.

The Time

According to Google, it takes 49 hours to drive this route, if you were to follow the law. If I average 90 mph and take minimal stops, I reckon I could pull a sub 30 hour time.

The Mexican Advantage

There is a big advantage of it being in Mexico, there is less police patrols on the highways in terms of speed checks and when you do get stopped, there is a chance you may be able to just pay your way out of it.

The Mexican Disadvantage

The roads in Mexico are nowhere near as good as they are in the United States, so this could seriously make this incredibly difficult and even worse dangerous, so some extensive forward planning for the route will be needed.

The Car

At the time of writing I have just finished watching the movie Drive and it crossed my mind that it might be a good idea to do this in a car which blends in, so my thought is to buy a silver Chevrolet Aveo sedan later in the year, take the engine out and replace it with a V8, fully tweak the car and make it a sleeper. I'd much prefer to do it in the 300SL I wrote about this morning, but I can't afford one!



I'm thinking next September, it gives me over a year to plan and do dry runs and also allows me to avoid the rainy season.

The comments

Let me know what you think in the comments, if you're against it, tell me why. If you like the idea, please send me some suggestions in terms of cars, route planning and police avoidance.

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