If you believe that material possessions cannot bring you happiness, think again. This car might make you change your mind.

Not grain, just dirt. Make it clean and take it out for a spin!

#Ferrari’s are like that. They have this amazing capability to buzz all our senses around. They are noisy, pretty, and the leather seats smell amazing. And, whether you’re a petrolhead, or not, the cars from Maranello have always managed to make’em heads turn. That’s because Ferrari’s are all about passion. But is there still space for any kind of reason?

The leather seats smell amazing!

Jonathan Yarden

So, what are we dealing with here. If you thought that the Ferrari 458 was special enough. You’re wrong. That’s why they came out with a faster, lighter, and more aerodynamic model called the Speciale (Special in English). If you thought that the 458 Speciale was special enough. You’re wrong again. The crazy Italians created a 499-limited edition convertible version called the Speciale Aperta (Special Open in English). Because, as we all know that a regular Ferrari 458 is the poor-man’s sport car, they had to increase the naturally-aspirated V8 from 570HP to 600HP, and decrease weight by 90kg.

Yeah it needs a good carwash...

This is a track-ready car. Like the F430 16M before it, the 458 SA focuses on carbon fiber and other stuff that makes it go on a diet. Engine-wise, this is the end of an era. This is probably the last naturally-aspirated V8 Ferrari ever. Don’t get me wrong, the new turbo’d 488GTB is fast as hell, and you will barely even notice the turbo lag. OK, unless you’re Sebastian Vettel, you won’t ever notice it.

The wheels look amazing! Even when as dirty a WRC car after a mud race.

But one question remains still unanswered. Why does this car will put a smile on your face, and take you to Happy Land? The magic happens the moment you know you will drive this car. Second, is the moment you step your eyes on it and admire the perfect proportions, and tortured lines. It looks like it is going to kill you the instant you put your foot on the accelerator. Who doesn’t like that? The happy endeavor continues when taking place inside. The interior is strictly focused on the driver. And like in an F1 car, everything is engaged through the steering wheel. You press on the red power button. The V8 wakes up, and it is as loud as an Italian “nonna” barking on the kids that refuse to eat her pasta.

It looks like it is going to kill you the instant you put your foot on the accelerator. Who doesn’t like that?

Jonathan Yarden

So, how does it drive? We’re still in Happy Land there. Like Porsche’s GT3, the 458 SA is a race car for the open road. Obviously, it is not as comfortable as a Mercedes S-Class. But who cares? It is everything you want a sports car to be. It’s extremely pretty (prettier than the 488?), the gearbox seems like it directly comes from an F1, the steering is as precise as a GT2 track car, and, obviously, the engine was crafted by angels.

Still not happy? Press on drop-top button and we will talk later. Tunnels gonna hate you.

That's the look of a killer.

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Happy now?

Ferrari 458 Speciale A

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland between Geneva and Lausanne, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car.


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