La Ferrari will use the 1950 livery at Mugello

The first livery used by Ferrari in the Formula 1 world championship will appear again for its thousandth race

3w ago


It was May 21, 1950 when Ferrari first fielded their cars in a Formula 1 race. Held in Monaco, Ferrari's first race ended with a second place obtained by the legendary Alberto Ascari preceded by Juan Manuel Fangio's Alfa Romeo.

It was the beginning of the legend of the Scuderia Ferrari and after seventy years the Italian team will celebrate the thousandth grand prix in its history at the next Grand Prix of Mugello. To commemorate the event, Ferrari decided to adopt the original 1950 livery on the Vettel and Leclerc SF1000s.

It will be interesting to watch Ferrari's modern F1 cars in this vintage livery, but it will only be an aesthetic enjoyment for the nostalgic. It is all too obvious what will happen to the cars of the Italian team during the race, and the hope that they will get the victory is extremely low due to the inadequacy that afflicts the SF1000.

Thanks to Valentina Zanola and Alessandro Renesis for the cooperation


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