La Ferrari with a straight pipe!

Exhaust note in my mind.

Straight pipes is the best way to tease your neighbors but for car guys its just like heaven and for non car guys it is just like a hammer banging on their head as the exhaust stoke takes place.

We expect straight pipe exhaust from cars like Nissan GTR, Mazda, Mustang, Corvette, Charger , challenger etc but a YOUTUBER named Shmee150 visited a person who is owning a La ferrari with straight pipe exhaust . Well this made me mad and i must be thinking that your mind will fly away too.

The Ferrari LaFerrari has one of the best sounding V12 engines out there. t's powered by a 6.3l V12 that's mated to an electric system for 963hp in total from the hybrid powertrain. With the mid-rear mounted engine, the sound doesn't have far to travel before it's singing from the exhaust tips. Well the video is down there enjoy and tell me in the comments how is that crazy idea?

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