LACQUERED FINNISH. Sami Karvonen’s ‘Woodie’ ’77 Honda CB500 Cafe Racer

Forget Norwegian Wood, today it's all about Finland...

3y ago

The Scandinavians and beautiful woodworking. They go together like cafes and racers or Trump and super hold hairspray. Any Scandinavian, Norwegian, Danish or Finnish house worth its salt should have some amazing examples. And in the Finnish house of school teacher and bike builder Sami Karvonen, the example is this superb four-pot Honda CB500. Got wood? You have now…

“I‘m a school teacher and working with bikes is just a hobby for me,” says Sami, quite humbly. “I have always loved to work with my hands and do creative things. For a few years, I have been building fixed gears and single speed bicycles. I have also been restoring some old ones.”


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