Lada has finally time-travelled to the present

A production car based off a 2018 concept is on its way.

Russian automaker Lada isn't known for modern designs. What began a few decades ago in Soviet times, some of the marque's car designs have progressed through to the 21st century and are still being sold to this day - and although the Vesta, Granta, XRAY and Largus MPV are more modern looking counterparts to their ancient predecessors (think Riva/Samara), its the Niva that has remained all-so-similar to its Soviet version.

The latest production Niva is the Niva Travel, which if offered in overseas markets, would convert over to $9,500 USD, $12,300 AUD, €7800 Euro and £6,900 GBP. Although the Niva Travel is a decently capable offroader, it still lacks many features which are considered standard on modern cars - but finally, it seems as if Lada has just about caught up with their latest promise.

With the help of Renault/Dacia, Lada created a concept car called the 4x4 Vision back in 2018, and now just three years later, the marque has promised that a production version based on the concept will become available for buyers in 2024. According to Lada, the new model will retain the concept name - the Niva Vision, and will "open new horizons for the brand" in a broader, more global market as part of their plan to release four "state of the art" vehicles by 2025.

The Niva Vision will be built off Renault's CMF-B platform which currently underpins the Renault Captur and Nissan Juke - so although its unlikely we'll see a Lada badged car for sale in Australia or the United States etc, the possibility of Nissan or Renault selling badge engineered Ladas isn't out of the cards.

- AutoNews Australia

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Comments (3)

  • I used an old Niva off road and found it great, especially as it was so cheap and basic any damage didn't matter. This however just looks like a Duster with a few styling tweeks and new badges. Awful vehicle, save the world from this low grade mediocrity and scrap the whole thing. We do not need another SUV, especially a Dacia/Lada mash up.

      1 month ago
  • So, Concept from 2018 will be in 2030 or 2050. niva Travel is a car from late 80/early 90s with modern face, but it’s still very old car with bad quality. So why it travelled to present? Nothing new....

      28 days ago
  • I also made an article abou both the new Niva and the new Niva Travel

      1 month ago