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Lada unveils the new Niva Bronto

The Niva gets a new look

8w ago

In today's automotive landscape, the Lada Niva seems like the last of the Mohicans. Born in 1977, the old Russian 4x4 nevertheless continues to make its way peacefully with no less than five facelifts to its credit. Today, Lada has added a new, more upscale version to the Niva's catalogue called Bronto.

Based on the Niva Legend with a two-door body, the Bronto has specific bumpers that are better integrated into the grille. The wheel arches are also revised with raw plastic extensions. The 15-inch wheels are fitted with off-road tyres, giving the Niva a more rugged look that naturally suits it well.

The exterior can still be painted in an exotic military camouflage that was already available as an option on earlier versions. Lada did not provide pictures of the interior but confirms that the dashboard has been completely redesigned with a new instrument cluster.

The seats also show a revised structure for improved seating comfort. Heated seats and mirrors are standard, as is air conditioning. Finally, Lada adds that the entire cabin has been given special care to better contain surrounding noise.

Photo credits Lada

Photo credits Lada

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Comments (4)

  • Bronco? Bronto? Nice try lada

      2 months ago
  • So... this is a cross between 'bronco' and 'pronto', right? Why not name it "Taiga" or "Siberian Husky" or the like.

      2 months ago