- C​redit: ViralHog

    Lady illegally crossing road flips off driver and walks straight into the side of a passing truck

    That's what I call i​nstant karma.

    4w ago


    F​or those who like seeing instant karma on camera, this incident was captured on camera last year, but only uploaded to YouTube by ViralHog recently.

    T​he short 12 second video depicts a man and a woman illegally jaywalking, stopping traffic as they cross the road. While walking, the woman turns around to flip the rude finger towards the car that's stopped to let her pass, before crossing into oncoming traffic and hilariously planting her face right into the side of a U-Haul truck.


    She's lucky that she walked into the side of the moving truck - cause if she walked out a second earlier, the collision could have been much worse.

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    Comments (12)

    • I’ve never understood why certain people feel like the whole world has to stop for them.

        1 month ago
    • Bravo!! 😂

        1 month ago
    • They say ignorance is bliss. I think for her it’s a broken nose. 🤣

        1 month ago
    • Rutland, VT btw lmao

        1 month ago
    • The Nigel Award for “Walking into the side of a lorry” goes to...

        1 month ago


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