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All photos by Kaj Alver. Earlier published in Gatebil Magazine.

We were on our way home from a photoshoot, when we noticed an old VW we wanted to take a closer look at. It turned out that the owner thought his buddy's car was more deserving of an article in "GATEBIL Magazine". So he called him up, and we went to his house. And wow, was he right! A shiny, red VW Beetle appeared in front of us.

The most immaculate Beetle we've ever seen. The owner, Jarle Martinsen spent two years on this car, that has been named the finest Beetle in Norway.
The car looks brand new. Jarle really did a make-over on this car. Hi did it all. Down to every washer on the back of every screw has been replaced.

I've attended four exhibitions so far, and won prices in all of them

Jarle Martinsen

Jarle early made up his mind that he wanted to do something different then the trends in the Beetle-world, such as Rat-look, Cal-look or German-look. He was going to build a car that would look like a asfalt racer. He wanted to show it at exhibitions, but he also wanted to be able to drive it at Track Day events.

The car has been totally ribbed, and all signs of rust has been taken care of. It has also been painted on the outside, as well as inside and underneath. Every hole for sunscreens or heater has been removed. The doorpanels are aluminum, decorated in a suiting fashion, and you are seated in GT-Racing seats with 4-point belts. In the spirit of the rest of the cars looks, a rollcage takes up every inch of space you could use for passangers in the backseat. The steering wheel is replaced by a Snap-Off system, and some of the dials are from a small aircraft. Rooflining has been altered with carbonfoil to match the racing-look that the rest of the car has.

The finish on the inside of this car is so good, that you almost won't dare to get in. At least not before checking both your shoes and pants to see if they are clean. Twice. It feels like pure racing! Same goes for the engine.
The backplate and tailgate has been welded into one, and liberates alot of space to maneuver the engine in and out of the car. And it's not the smallest either. Taken from a VW Type 4, originally a 2 litre. But Jarle got it balanced and borred up to 2,180 ccm (close to a 2,2 litre), mounted a different camshaft, new with bigger valves and different tappets, got in forged pistons, and oil channels build to cool off the heads. He's also assembled two double Dellorto carburetors, equipped with Type 1 cooler, and two external oil coolers, and branch. To top it off, all covers and the block has been painted the same color as the car.

Engine: Type 4, 2180 ccm.

Effect: About 170 Hp.

Engine specs: Custom crankshaft and rods ¤ Forged pistons ¤ Larger valves on intake and exhaust ¤ All balanced and weight adjusted ¤ Headers ¤ Two double Weber carburetors ¤ Two external oilcoolers ¤ Type 1 cooling with come home made customizing.

Wheels: OZ Racing 5,5- and 7,5x17. Federal street slicks in 195- and 205 width.

Brakes: CPS

Underbody/suspension: Puma suspension with drop spindles ¤ suspension joints and balljoints are all new ¤ Race staff stag in the front ¤ Gas shockers front and back.

Powertrain: Original 1300 S gearbox with a different exchange on the 3rd and 4th gear.

Interior: GT chairs ¤ 4 Point belts ¤ Snap-off steering wheel ¤ Dials are from a small aircraft ¤ Race Gear shifter ¤ All unnecessary holes has been welded shut # Aluminum doorsides with decor ¤ Everything else has been painted RED

Exterior: Lexand windows all over except front windshield ¤ 66 mod. front fenders, with headlights with turn signals ¤ All holes are welded shut for a more "clean look" ¤ Racing petrol filling ¤ Front and rear spoiler ¤ Tinted taillights

Jarle Martinsen next to "the red mist"

Jarle Martinsen next to "the red mist"

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