LALD 2020: Spaghetti Saturday with the Abarth 500

Karl Abarth's record breaking Fiat 600 Derivazione Abarth 500

A few weeks ago, I'd showed off a 1/43 scale model of Karl Abarth's 1st record breaker - the Abarth 750 Bertone "Record". And for the second post for the #LALD2020 week, here is its successor.

Just a month after the aforementioned record breaking run of the Abarth 750, Karl Abarth got this Abarth 500 into the open.

Internally, the car was powered by a 500cc detuned engine from the Fiat 600. Externally though, the body was unchanged in shape, except for repaint.

The "new" car was set for a 3rd record breaking run at Monza. But the ambitious Karl Abarth was thwarted by a error made by the FIA, which sent Abarth a set of records that was obsolete and did not include the latest records set in 1955.

As a result of the FIA's glaring mistake, the targets set for the Abarth 500's record breaking attempt was baselined on older records.

And so when the Abarth 500's run ended, it had broken "just" 3 records, quite a drop from the lofty standards set by its eponymous creator.

About this model, just like the Abarth 750 "Record", I honestly do not know who made this casting. There is a generic name on the bottom "Metro" and an url -, which does not seem to exist any more.


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  • Whoever made it did a great job. Excellent details on an obscure model. I know Bizarre makes land speed record vehicles, but I'm not sure what the markings would be to let you know.

      2 months ago