LALD 2020: Toyota Corolla WRC

SĂ©bastien Loeb's Equipe de France FFSA Toyota Corolla WRC

For the 3rd day of #LALD2020 week that falls on a Sunday, I picked a Japanese race car that was one of th earliest cars driven by 9 time WRC champion SĂ©bastien Loeb.

The French Federation of Automobile Sport (FFSA) was set up in 1952 to organize, regulate and develop motorsport in France. Every year, several FFSA French Teams are built for each major discipline of the Federation (Circuit, Karting and Rally).

These national teams are the last step of the French Motorsport Federation’s program “Road to Excellence”. The different federal groups are regularly invited to different training camps and evaluations at the FFSA Academy where they are prepared mentally and physically for the rigors of international motorsport.

These collectives, gathering the most promising drivers, are currently managed by French legends Jean Alesi, Yvan Muller and SĂ©bastien Loeb. The FFSA Academy, as a training center, aims to bring up these young drivers to the highest international level.

And since 1997, the FFSA has ensured race starts for best French drivers by teaming them up for competitions under the Equipe de France FFSA (or FFSA French National Team) banner.

The Equipe de France FFSA gave 9 time WRC champ SĂ©bastien Loeb his first start in the WRC in 1999. While 1999 was hardly a year of note for Loeb with just 2 WRC starts, 2000 was when Loeb started to come on his own, even though he had just a couple of starts.

In just his 4th WRC start, Loeb drove this Toyota Corolla WRC to a creditable 9th place finish at the 2000 V-Rally Tour de Corse - Rallye de France in a field that included a veritable whos-who of WRC - Carlos Sainz, Richard Burns, Marcus Grönholm, Colin McRae and Tommi MÀkinen.

This is a 1/43 casting by IXO.


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  • Oof. Tyre got unseated in the last shot. But it's a fascinating thing you got there.

      2 months ago