LaLD Podcast episode 47 is live

6d ago


Lloyd, Philip, Dan, and I discuss the events that lead up the G/O Media's decision to discontinue user run blogs on Kinja and all of the repercussions that became of it. We also answer a few questions about DriveTribe.

Plus, Dan brought out a 1/43 Minichamps Porsche Taycan, Philip's got this Spark Porsche 718, and I talk about my Spark Dauer 962 1/18 that I recently added to my collection.

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  • We're also on iTunes, Stitcher and probably some other places too!

    6 days ago
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  • Just FYI, it’s “Payt” not “Paté”

    I’m not a meaty paste last time I checked 😂😂

    6 days ago
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