LaLD Question: What's the most underrated $uper Treasure hunt car?

Some are duds... some are worth their weight in gold. Which ones deserve more love?

13w ago

The $uper Treasure hunt market is just... (for lack of any better words) crazy.

As of right now it looks like the Datsun 510 Wagon $uper is the undisputed current champion of the high end side of the market, hovering at around $500/$600 for mint carded versions.

But, what about the low end side of the market? The bottom feed $upers that few people seem to love. It's likely many folks pick these up out of necessity to fill the holes in their collection and call it complete. If you do a quick completed-listings search on eBay it seems the undisputed champion of $uperduds is "Super Smooth" hovering at a paltry $3 even mint/carded ! Peruse further in the bottom end and will find that Sweet 16, Splittin' Image, Meyers Manx, Pontiac Rageous, Riley and Scott racecar, and even the ever-gorgeous '63 Thunderbird all sell for less than $10 USD. Tantrum and Boom Box also hang out in the $uper bargain bin it seems.

From what I can see $uper treasure hunt cars based on fantasy castings are not popular and "Tooned" cars don't fare terribly well. A sizable amount of older $upers don't appear to generate as much buzz as the more recent offerings. Perhaps because older versions actually said treasure hunt on the packaging which made them easier to find back then? Or do you think current ones have a high demand because it's even harder to find them these days? The word is out really, lots of folks know they should hunt the HW pegs and sadly... a lot of employees that work at the stores do too.

Out of the recent $upers that have released there are still some that are not appreciating at the same pace as others. The 2018 $uper Fiat 500 looks pretty cool in my opinion, but it often sells a tick over $10 (+shipping).

Since Super Smooth is so unloved I picked one up with a winning bid of $2.25 +shipping uncarded and snapped some pics. While, it's not amazing, I'm still surprised that it sells for so cheap. I think the color combo turns most collectors off since it's not very flashy but the side graphics are a bit overdone. So it's really unbalanced. While the design lines are similar to a lot of older vehicles, I believe this truck falls into the fantasy cast category which is also another strike against it. The headlight lines are poorly placed and do not do the overall design any favors. In my opinion this isn't the most underrated $uper. But I do think it deserves a little more love. I'm more astounded that the '63 Thunderbird often sells for cheap. That car looks amazing and the green paint is fantastic. Once again, the tampo graphics are overkill so perhaps that's what sinks it's value.

So, I ask you members of LaLD and Diecast collectors as a whole. What is the most underrated $uper treasure hunt car ever made? Which car do you feel that deserves more love from collectors?

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Comments (14)

  • I’m really hoping that this one will be popular some day after paying 98 cents for it at a Target all those years ago... #sarcasm

      3 months ago
  • What’s the most underrated $uper Treasure Hunt from Hot Wheels? 🤔


      3 months ago
  • I've been cashing some of my chips in lately and I've been watching all kinds of prices, but I have to agree with Fantasy castings in general, and the gold 16 Angels in particular, as being less cha-chingable.

    I think It's weird that the older ones aren't going for more, weren't there less of them from the gitgo?

    After all these years MOMC versions are still pretty affordable which is good for people trying to start a collection. Regular THs are only worth more than retail if they're paired with their $TH version.

    My two cents

      3 months ago
    • Agreed! it's really strange that many of the older ones do not sell for more. It might have something to do with the wheels/tires choice for many of them. Mattel didn't appear to have much for real rider options for the first few years.

        3 months ago
  • Hot Wheels really overdid the muscle cars, so when one is super clean and has period correct tampos and good wheel/tire combo I get really excited. So here is a Plymouth GTX from the 2002 t-hunt series with zero bids, starting at $5 and 1.5 days left...

      3 months ago
  • 16 Angel's in gold from the holiday racers set.

      3 months ago
    • Agreed! Someone at Mattel liked that one quite a bit since it got released as a Super twice! I think the Blue version is terrific looking. But, the gold one must have been so cool to find in the wild since it was like striking literal "gold"....

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        3 months ago
    • gotta say I found 2 of these and wasn't impressed in person. the tones of gold/green that were on it clashed pretty hard. the white wheels were cool though!

        3 months ago