Does everyone still have their moving buddy? Did we lose anyone along the way?

Welcome to DriveTribe my friends from Kinja. I hope you've all had a chance to digest what G/O Media tried to pull today over our beloved home on Kinja. I'm drinking a beer, even though its Monday, because today has been the toughest day I've had in the longest time. My goal in this post is to welcome you all to DriveTribe, then hopefully show everyone the ropes to get us posting.

First off, this is DriveTribe. It was, as you may know, created by Clarkson, May, and Hammond as a social media site for car people. Think of it as an organized Oppositelock. There are an almost infinite number of individual Tribes that you can post to, all related by a common topic. There's a Tribe for spotting cars in the wild, finding cool cars for sale, even a Tribe for buses. This is the Live and Let Diecast Tribe, your new home for the best diecast community... in the world.

There are two ways to join in: the DriveTribe app and through a desktop computer. offers a tool to compose new posts called Studio, which you'll find is very similar to Kinja. Posting from the app is more simplistic, requiring only a photo and some words.

To access Studio, click on your icon or avatar in the top right corner of the page, then select Create with Studio

Studio allows you to create a variety of content through templates, whether you want to write a feature article, post a simple photo or slideshow, or get crazy with a poll or quiz. Selecting the Article template opens up a blank page to help write your posts. First, you will need a hero image, sort of like the lead image on Kinja. Here you don't need a mod to embiggen it, all images are the same size on the main LaLD feed.

Your next step is to come up with a witty headline and a short subheader for your post. Why should readers click and read what you've said? Once you have that set, you can start to compose your post by clicking "Start typing here".

Click on the plus sign, and you'll open up a new menu with even more tools. You have add text, add a photo, add a photo gallery, upload a video, highlight a quote from your article, embed a link to literally anything with a web address, add a score or rating for whatever your topic is, and also create a poll where readers can vote.

Proofread and re-read your post again, then switch the Posting To dropdown to Live and Let Diecast. You can either publish it now or schedule it for later, just watch the time zones.

You've made a post, now what?

Now your readers can like your post by clicking the heart and leave a comment just like we did on Kinja. The little speedometer icon tells you how many "impressions" your post has received. Here is where it gets better though... DriveTribe has a selection of members who are called Ambassadors that read though all DriveTribe content and cross post it to what are called Verticals. These are groupings or categories that collect related content at a higher level to reach an even larger audience who may or may not be aware of the LaLD Tribe. If your article stands out above the rest, DriveTribe staffers can share your posts to the homepages of DriveTribe country by country or even on a global stage. They can also get shared to their Apple News feed, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And yes, I still share my favorite diecast pics to Instagram and posts to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Wait, there's an app?

Yes! One of the biggest advantages DT has over Kinja is that there is a mobile app. Take pics from your phone and post them right away. Get push notifications from when you receive a like or a comment, or there's a cool tool where Tribe Leaders (hey that's me!) can leave a comment on your post with a @tribe command. This can be used once daily, but sends out a notification to every member of the Tribe to tap and get taken right to your post! Pretty cool, right? Did you get my notification to check out Dadurling's awesome M1 post?

What else is there?

There's plenty out there in DriveTribe land to explore. You can follow different writers, mostly amatures cutting their teeth, and join lots and lots of Tribes. There are Owner Clubs, like the Ford one that I lead, where you can share posts about your own ride like, say, a tuned Ford Flex Ecoboost. There are polls to vote on and quizzes to take. There's even FoodTribe, which is like DriveTribe but for food. You can even apply for the DriveTribe Creators Program and make a couple bucks for your posts, should you get accepted.

Any questions? Leave me a comment below, let's start LaLD's next chapter!

New Love food? Try foodtribe.

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  • Honestly, if Kinja totally backs off on this, I'm inclined to stay here anyway.

    13 days ago
    6 Bumps
  • Tucker here, thanks for doing all of this, Scott. Especially the explainer for us noobs. Looking forward to this new home. As LALD was my catalyst to get on Instagram, it has now brought me here. Let us sing: "I will follow youuuuuuuuu, wherever youuuuuuuuu may goooooooooo! There isn't an ocean to deeeeeeeep!..." ;)

    13 days ago
    5 Bumps


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