Laldwood 2021: Offroading Supercar
The Porsche 959. The most technically advanced racecar of its day and Porsche took it to the most punishing race on the planet. It seems Hot Wheels has gotten more and more in tune with collectors these days and I was ecstatic to see them not only bring us an updated 959 casting, but to bring it to us in premium guise sporting its Dakar winning livery.
The 953 (a 911 SC on the 959 prototype platform) before it was testing the 959s AWD system and was the first sportscar (if you can call it that) to win the Dakar. 1986 saw the 959 take 1st, 2nd, and 6th with its twin turbo engine making nearly twice the power of the 953. It wasn't able to prove itself in Group B, but the 959 cemented its place in history by dominating the Dakar.

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  • I still cannot believe that Porsche raced the 959 in the Dakar rally. Could you imagine a modern day Supercar competing in the Dakar.

      3 months ago
  • Love it

      3 months ago