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18w ago

When I knew that two-door cars were getting the spotlight on Wednesday, I knew I could only follow up yesterday's super-saloon S600 with its drop-top counterpart, the R129 500SL. I've spoken at length about how much I love these cars before, and even now, the feeling hasn't changed.

Born in 1989, during the midst of the rad era, the R129 is the be-all end-all of 1990s luxury roadsters. You may have been shipped to your next meeting in a W140, but you would immediately leave to pick up your mistress in one of these. This beautiful piece by Norev showcases all of the things that make this particular car so great, and still stands to this day as my #1 model in my collection.

The 5.0L V8 may not be as robust as yesterday's 6.0L V12 in the S600, but it's still an absolute gem of a motor. Named the "M113" in house, it still stands as one of Benz's most reliable engines to this day, seeing use all the way up until 1999 in everything from the Porsche-tuned 500E sports sedan to even the big-boy S-Class. Even with its smaller demeanor, it still produced respectable power: 322 bhp at 5700 RPMs and 354 lb ft at 3900 RPM.

The outstanding comfort and quality from the W140 continues on to the R129's cabin, with rich leather seating and a dashboard covered in carpeting. The walnut trimmed dash adds a touch of color and warmth, inviting even the most tired of dentists in for a nice afternoon cruise.

This car, for many, was something to aspire to back in the 1990s, and it's still something I aspire to to this day. It's a testament to the idea of a car being a fashion statement, it commands respect, and returns it to anyone who pilots it. I simply adore these's something that I consider to be peak Radwood, bar none.

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Comments (6)

  • The photos are beautiful. I love this Mercedes R129 with this colour.

      4 months ago
    • Agreed! I really like how the cars color works with the background

        4 months ago
    • The way these photos are clicked are magnificent. Honestly the person who clicked these photos deserves an award.

        4 months ago
  • I love this car too

      4 months ago
  • M113 is a great V8: the 4.3 and 5.4 variants were used in lots of Mercs right up to the mid 2000s. For instance the CLK55. Great reputation for reliability, none of the issues that the much vaunted M156 had. I almost bought a CLK55 (209), but ended up going with the successor E500 (207) with M278 power.

      4 months ago