Lambo Confirmed Aventador Successor Will Have A Naturally Aspirated V-12

3d ago


Join me petrol head brothers and sisters, the Naturally Aspirated Italian V-12 is set to live for another generation! In an interview with Road and Track, Lamborghini CTO Maurizio Reggiani confirmed Lambo's NA V-12 will live another day!

Now there is some additional news that changes the classic Lambo V-12 formula. The next generation Aventador will use a mild system of supercapacitors to augment the Lambo's V-12. Maurizio went on the explain to Road and Track, " Torque boost can give a much more consistent power delivery, especially at low rpm."

Now Lamborghini knows that one of the best parts of their supercar's lie in the emotional connection you feel when driving. The raw experience is critical as highlighted by Maurizio, "We need to maintain the emotions generated by the naturally aspirated V-12, and it’s clear that the performance gap needs to be filled with electrification."

When electrification comes into play, there is the risk of added weight and wight is the enemy of performance. In his interview with Road and Track Maurizio explains, "chassis control. They produce the feeling that the car is much more agile, and lighter. This is thanks to the rear-wheel steering, the torque-vectoring, and the possibility to control every aspect of the car much faster. These systems together are able to minimize the perception of weight. Clearly, from a physics standpoint, weight is weight, mass is mass, but with body control, you can reduce the negative effects."

When we look to the future of cars it's critical that we do not lose what makes them great. Tech makes cars faster, more efficient, and more capable but it's important that they still evoke the same emotion. When we hear Lambo is keeping the NA V-12 alive it gives us hope for the petrol head future.