- The leaked image of the Lamborghini Urus!

Lamborghini Accidentally Leaks Digital Image Of New Urus!

1y ago


Lamborghini's first SUV since the LM002, the Urus, is set to hit the market next year, with it's official reveal just over a week away. The new Lamborghini SUV is expected to be powered by a hybrid engine and Lamborghini have been releasing teaser videos of the SUV's capabilities.

The Italian company appeared to have slipped up slightly with the latest promotional video for the Urus. The vehicle is featured in the 'Corsa' driving mode in this video, and in a scene that cuts to the inside of the vehicle, the front of the Urus can be seen on the infotainment screen, revealing the front of the vehicle without camouflage for the first time.

The video has since been edited by Lamborghini to no longer show the shot of the front of the car, but that wasn't before the image was circulated around the internet!

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