Lamborghini are actually testing parts in space

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To get the edge over their competitors, exotic car manufacturers are constantly looking for new ways of improving their products. And that is exactly what Lamborghini is doing with its latest partnership.

The tractor manufacturer-come-supercar overlord has teamed up with the Houston Methodist Research Institute and the International Space Station to test a series of composite materials.

On November 2, an unmanned rocket is set to take off from Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia on its way to the ISS. Onboard will be many samples of composites used in Lamborghini cars and new materials that could soon find their way into your local millionaire’s Huracan.

Once there, the crew of the Space Station will test the samples to analyse how they respond to the harsh environment of space. In fact, the materials will spend six months in space and will regularly be subjected to extreme temperatures varying from -40°C to 200°C. Solar radiation means that massive doses of ultraviolet radiation, gamma rays and ionised atomic oxygen will also batter the poor pieces of composite.

In total, five different materials will be sent to space including 3D-printed continuous-fibre, discontinuous-fibre and a set of samples made of pre-impregnated epoxy resin and autoclaved polymer fabric.

Once the samples’ time in outer orbit is up, Lamborghini and the Houston Methodist Research Institute will regroup to analyse what has affected them the most and how it has affected them. This will then determine how liberally they different materials can be used. For instance, in the next few years, we may have cars entirely made from a 3D-printer and prosthetic limbs with flexible joints.

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  • That is adorable...Europeans in Space.

    22 days ago
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  • Tesla and Lamborghini already sending stuff into space? I think we should now keep an eye on Lada just in case

    18 days ago
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