Lamborghini Aventador successor breaking cover next year

All eyes on the raging bull!

8w ago

Lamborghini has been steadfast in giving us goosebumps with intermittent launches to keep the interest in the brand intact. In 2011, came the replacement for the Murcielago. Needless to say that the hubbub grew manifold then. In 2014, wraps were taken off the Huracan, the spiritual successor to the Gallardo. 4 years later, the brand revealed its first SUV, the Urus which was first thought of as a deal-maker or a deal-breaker but we all know that it was a runaway success. And this year itself, all those who wanted to gourmand more were treated with the Sian FKP-37 and the limited-run Essenza SCV-12 which is a bonkers supercar meant for the lunatics out there.

However, make sure you aren't inebriated at the moment as the news that I am going to break now is surely to get many besotted. The brand's Chief Technical Officer, Maurizio Reggiani has revealed in an interview with CarandDriver that the replacement for the Aventador could come in as early as next year!

To embolden the frisson further, he has also said with conviction that the heir will also get hybrid assistance and finally a Dual-clutch Transmission (DCT) that will bid sayonara to the Automated Manual that the car makes use of currently. However, don't try to suppress a sob as this one won't be fully-electric. It will continue to portray the characteristics of a naturally-aspirated V12 under the hood (boot rather).

The naming ceremony hasn't been conducted and neither has the engine combination been confirmed but the car will be endowed with electric axle and torque-vectoring system for accentuated manoeuvrability over the twisted sections of roads. Manufacturers claim mild-hybrid tech to boost performance but the battery will also add substantially to the weight. Hence, it might be an operose to increase power but capping the weight of the car. We can expect between 800-900 hp if Lamborghini really wishes to give the Ferrari 812 Superfast and the Porsche 911 Turbo S a run for their money. However, we will have to wait for the sorcery.

I am sure Lambo purists are going to get filled with euphoria upon reading this article. However, expectations are also going to head northwards. Hence, we can also expect completely redesigned exterior and a cockpit bidding adieu to the usual interiors which honestly, have become a rife these days. What do you expect from the successor on the day of unveil?

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