L​amborghini boss spills out plans for electrification and new models

A​lso, will the naturally aspirated V12 live on? He answers

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With the launch of the Ultimae, Lamborghini finally pulled the plug on its signature V12 supercar - the Aventador. The Ultimae wasn't just a tribute to the decade-old supercar but also doubled up as the swansong for this naturally aspirated V12. So, does that mean the new crop of Lamborghinis would not have V12s?

Wrong. While speaking to Autocar, Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann claimed the "car which will follow the Aventador will have a V12 engine, and so the sound and the history will stay alive." However, the successor will most certainly be a plug-in hybrid, and the said V12 mill would be an all-new iteration with modern technologies and a lifeline of about a decade. "We've been through an evolutionary process in the automotive business, and now you have the revolution."

But we've already seen the Aventador with a hybridised setup, and it was called the Sian. It came equipped with supercapacitors instead of lithium-ion batteries like all EVs, and many may wonder why Lamborghini can't utilise the same. The boss sees a supercapacitor as "a bridge technology which does not fulfil the needs we have for the future to reduce emissions." The firm wants to practically half its CO2 emissions by 2025, entailing the entire line-up would get hybridised before that.

Iconic sports car maker Porsche has been leading the charge with synthetic fuels, a.k.a e-Fuels. With Lamborghini falling under the same VW parent group umbrella as Porsche, developing e-fuel compatible engines should not be a difficult task for the former. However, the boss says, "the first step is hybridisation. Then we'll see if synthetic fuels give an opportunity to continue to work with combustion engines, because it's not about the type of propulsion: it's about the emissions you generate".

Worrying about the survival of the baby Lambo Huracan with its naturally aspirated V10 in the hybrid era is understandable. Though the Lamborghini boss says, "It's a bit early to talk about it, because this will happen in 2024. We are concentrating on the year 2021, when we will have another car next to the Ultimae with a V12 engine and a supercapacitor." So there you have it, Lamborghini might be preparing a Sian successor and it's due this year!

And further good news, the new car brochure for Lamborghini doesn't end there. Curtains over the first all-electric Lambo will be raised but not before the second half of this decade. As for this EV's shape, "we're looking at a bodystyle which will not be the same as the Urus, but at least a 2+2, so a car that's daily driven."

Yes, Lamborghini might be building an all-electric family crossover. But more importantly, this is where the brand looks to branch out in the future. "We have to divide the brand into two types of car: for the super-sports cars like the Huracan and Aventador, we want to keep the internal combustion engines alive as long as we can, and on the daily driver side, with the Urus and the new fourth model we have to do an outstanding job - like we have with the Urus, which on first sight is not a Lamborghini to those who are used to looking at the Huracan and Aventador."

Enthusiasts, keep your imaginations and hearts open.

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