Lamborghini Countach SV – Combining The Past And The Present

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Looking at the banner of this blog, you're probably having something of an "is it a bird? Is it a plane?" moment - or more specifically, an "is it an Aventador? Is it a Countach?" moment. Well, in the immortal words of the Axis of Awesome, this car is a motherfuckin' Birdplane – because it's both!

Apparently, it's not called an Aventacount, because that's copyrighted as a name given to a South American event for incompetent people (take your time; you'll work it out). It's not even called the Countador, because in Spain, that's what they call doormen who aren't very nice. What it is being called by the designer – YasidDesign – is the Countach SV.

The Countach SV was etched as a way of bringing the styling traits of an Aventador SV onto an old Lamborghini Countach. Not only that, the Countach has also received a quick facelift, and it's also been accoutered with the side-skirts from the Huracan.

Despite saying that he'd probably ruined it for the purists, Yasid has been blessed with great feedback on Facebook. And I have to say, I too am a fan of this coming together of Lamborghini through the ages.

Taking a look at YasidDesign on Facebook, you uncover a treasure-trove of creations that unite the past and the present in perfect harmony. Not only that, but there's a multitude of fantasy-creatures that amalgamate aesthetic components that mere mortals wouldn't think to bring together – but they combine to create a wonderful marriage.

But what do you guys think of the Countach SV? Let me know in the comments.

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Photo Credits: YasidDesign – Facebook

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