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Lamborghini Gallardo vs Huracan: How do they size up?

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Bear with me, but I don't remember seeing anyone comparing the outside dimensions of the Gallardo vs the Huracan. I find that odd, considering the Huracan was the HIGHLY anticipated replacement to the Gallardo, but I suppose enthusiasts and journalists alike had better questions to ask regarding the two than whether or not the Huracan is much bigger or much smaller than the baby-Lambo it replaced. No matter, I'll just answer that question for myself today.

Disclaimer: As always, the numbers were sourced from Edmunds.


Photo Credit: Lamborghini [Which one do you think looks better?]

Huracan: 175.6 inches (or 4,460 mm) long.

Gallardo: 171.1 inches (or 4,345 mm) long.

Have to be honest here, I wasn't expecting that much of a difference between the two. If any difference at all truthfully. You learn something new every day though, and I definitely just did.


Photo Credit: Lamborghini

Huracan: 75.8 inches (or 1,925 mm) wide.

Gallardo: 74.8 inches (or 1,899 mm) wide.

Now this is what I was expecting, an inch difference at most. It's sort of odd that they're exactly an inch off but I'm not going to make a mountain out of a molehill here. More likely than not there just wasn't a good reason to make the Huracan wider than that.


Photo Credit: Lamborghini

Huracan: 45.9 inches (or 1,165 mm) tall.

Gallardo: 45.9 inches (or 1,165 mm) tall.

Far stranger than the one-inch difference in width, is the fact that the Huracan and Gallardo aren't different whatsover in height. Not sure what kind of difference I was expecting, but I sure wasn't anticipating them to be exactly the same.


Photo Credit: Lamborghini

Huracan: 103.2 inches (or 2,621 mm) long.

Gallardo: 100.8 inches (2,560 mm) long.

Lastly, we have this little gem of a stat. Even if I am a little startled by how much longer the Huracan's wheelbase is, I'm more intrigued by the shortness of the Gallardo's wheelbase. It just seems so short when compared to its successor, but I digress.....

What have we learned then? Well, we learned that the Gallardo is shorter in wheelbase and overall length, the same height, and an inch narrower. The upshot of that is the difference in size between a Huracan and a Gallardo in the real world probably isn't noticeable unless you have the two side-by-side, that's all there is to it!

Thanks for reading! What do you think? Comment your thoughts down below!

Hope you enjoyed, see you soon.

Photo Credit: Lamborghini [Have this photo as a parting gift for reading my article!]

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  • With more examples of Hurracans that Gallardos would the Gallardo be worth more as a classic in 20 years time?

    19 days ago
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  • The hurracan is a good car but most petrol heads would say the Gallardo has been a round for a long time and it is very back to basics like an old school manual six speed manual gearbox and not to many buttons on the steering wheel but the hurracan is a lot faster than than the gallardo and more powerful but they are two grat cars from Lamborghini

    16 days ago


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