- Pope gets a Lamborghini Huracan!

Lamborghini Gives Pope Francis A Huracan!

1y ago


Italian supercar manufacturer, Lamborghini, have presented a brand new Huracan to Pope Francis. The Lamborghini has been customised by Lamborghini's customisation department, Ad Personam, paying tribute in the colours of the Vatican City flag, white and gold.

The special Lamborghini has been painted in the same colours as the Vatican City flag

The Huracan is powered by a 5.2L V10, producing 602BHP, a 0-60MPH time of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 201MPH. The Pope unfortunately has no business driving around in an Italian supercar, so the Huracan will be auctioned off with proceeds to go to a number of charities chosen by Pope Francis, including two charities that work primarily in Africa, giving aid to women and children in need.

The Huracan will be auctioned off to benefit a number of charities of the Pope's choosing

RM Sotheby's will auction the Lamborghini on 12th May 2018.

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