Lamborghini GT3 FL2 Reiter Engeneering

Pro-drifter Kenneth "Fast Kenny" moen thought about switching from drifting to time attack. but it took more than an average car to convince him.

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Photos by Kaj Alver & Per Ottar Walderhaug at Gatebil Våler 2016

They say that if you come from the motorsport Drifting, chances are you'll master all other motorsports. Yet, the differences between beeing sideways through all the turns - and straight ahead, and finding the track that saves a hundredth of a second without the car breaking tracktion, are enormous.
So, how will one do if you have been Karting, been in Lotus Seven Racing, if you've had five winning titles in a Peugeot Cup-car, or six winning titles i a Civic Rally-car, on top of beeing the winner in Norway championship twice, challanger in Formula D and world famous within drifting? If the car is good enough, this sounds like the recepy for success.

Radni Molhampour is a famous man in the Norwegian car scene. The guy has no idea what it means to do "a little", or "half way". He either does it - or not. He's been spicing up GATEBIL with the coolest cars you'll get from Japan. Nismo-cars from the Super GT-Series. He had been doing it for ten years, until he had enough of the cumbersome Japanese and sold it all. But not to withdraw from GATEBIL. It was to focus even harder. He looked at cars like Saleen, Audi R8 and Mosler, but in the end he found a Lamborghini GT3 FL2 Reiter Engeneering. It was a car he had dreamed of for a long time, and you don't find many Lamborghinis in Norway. And what was his plan? To fight for the top placements in GATEBIL-Extreme by the end of the first season. But Radni knew that he wouldn't achieve this by driving the car himself. And he knew just the right man... Kenneth Moen.

Audi bought Lamborghini in 1998. The first Lambo that surfaced after this was the Murcielago, followed by Gallardo. Gallardo being a compact car that was equipped with a 5 litre V10 with 500 hp, four wheel driven, with top speed of more than 300 km per hour. This is the car Radni wanted Kenneth to drive. A supercar
further developed for pure racing. Gallardo GT3 FL2 Reiter Engeneering.
Two doors, two chairs. 600 Hp, 1190 kg. CFRP and aluminum. Magnesium wheels, adjustable wing, Reiter Engeneering suspension based upon the GT1-cars.
Completely stripped of Lamborghini/Audi-luxury inside, packed with light weight parts such as race-monitor, chairs, belts and rollcage. A car that has plenty of racing experience from e.x. GT Adac Masters. Race ready for GATEBIL.

Engine: 5,2 l V10
Effect: 699 Hp
Motorspec: FIA GT3 engine
Wheels: 12,5x18 Magnesium (rear) and 11x18 (front), Dunlop Yokohama 305/660-18 and 330/710-18
Brakes: Brakes: 6-pot brembo up front ¤ 4-pot Brembo rear. 380 mm rotors
Suspension: Öhlins tx2
Powertrain: Hollinger sequential gearbox with paddleshift
Interior: D2 dash, Carbon chairs, Ober switch panel, FIA approved GT3-rollcage'
External changes: FL2 bodykit in CFRP

This car is just to give Moen some experience

Radni Molhampour

Recently this car was featured as a cover-car in Gatebil Magazine.

Kenneth Moen landed runner up in the GATEBIL Extreme Series total in 2016.

People can say what they want, but driving a Lamborghini race car can not be compared with drifting

Kenneth Moen
Martin Andresen, Kenneth Moen and Radni Molhampour

Martin Andresen, Kenneth Moen and Radni Molhampour

The car is now sold. Radni has bought a new car that's in the making as we speak- a twin turbo Gallardo producing 900 hp. No more beeing passed on the straights.

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