- The Lamborghni Huracan Sterrato. Pic Source: lamborghini.com

Lamborghini introduces a Huracan Off-Roader

Many companies today offer off-road versions of estates or have some of their trainees/interns build cars for off-roading. Mini asked their interns to create a Mini Pick-up truck and they did with offload capabilities, Audi asked their trainees to build whatever they liked, the result was a off-roading TT that looked like it was going to participate in the Dakar rally. But, that didn’t stop Audi owned Lamborghini to take their Huracan and create an off-road super sports car.

.."exploring New Horizons"..

Since Lamborghini say that they are “exploring new horizons”, they have introduced a concept car called the Huracan Sterrato. This was created with the aim of ‘fun to drive off-road’. Lamborghini explain it as transferring technologies of super sports car to challenging environments. I say they just wanted to create an Huracan off-roader before the guy who was creating a Huracan Rally car actually could.

The concept is based on the Huracan Evo, Using the same naturally aspirated engine with an output of 640 hp. The EVO uses a technology for its all-wheel drive called LDVI (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata) which is the party piece of this car. This controls the 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering, the modified suspension and torque vectoring and then with the help of witchcraft allows the person to have perfect driving dynamics. They have made changes to the ECU which gives more power lower in the RPM range and has an enhanced rear-wheel drive stabiliser for when you don’t want to go too wide while going sideways.

I can Imagine this car going wild sideways. Pic source: lamborghini.com

The car has an increase in ground clearance of nearly 2 inches and the track has been widened by an inch on each side. It has special off-roading tyres on 20 inch wheels. The car has wide body wheel arches with mudguards and the rear wheel arches sports an integrated air intake, function and a more beefier look. The car has aluminium skid plates for the front frame, diffuser and side skirts and Kevlar body panels to protect engine, air intakes and a few more drivetrain components. The most important part of the an off-roader is the lights, they have fitted the car with an LED bar on the roof and LED bumper lights with a flood function.

The interior of the car according to Lamborghini ‘reflects the sporty off-road character of the Sterrato’. it has a lightweight titanium roll cage, bi-shell sports seats with four point harnesses and aluminium floor panels.

Lamborghini has done such a lot of work only for it to be concept for them to see what all their cars and engineers are capable of. For once I would love to see these sports and supercar off-roaders to actually be manufactured as an off-roader (they don't need to be road legal)and not remain one off or concepts. Because these are going to be some fun cars to own and they definitely look awesome and the Sterrato looks better than the Urus. I want a Huracan Sterrato over an Urus, mostly because it looks better and seems for fun to drive off-road. However this does beg a very interesting question - if you were to own an off-roading Lamborghini which would it be the Urus or the Huracan Sterrato? Do let me know in the comments.