Lamborghini Joins Forces With MIT To Debut New Supercar Concept

Lambo gets extra science-y with new concept

3y ago

I'm always pretty excited whenever Lamborghini announces a new car. I like Lambos and regardless of what they announced, I'm usually pretty pleased to see their new creations

Next week, Lamborghini will debut a new concept car in partnership with the Massachusettes Institute of Technology; a car they are dubbing the "vision for the sportscar of the future."

Rumors are swirling with what the new car/tech might be, but since MIT is working on solid state lithium batteries, one might be able to assume that the new car will feature some form of new battery.

The batteries that MIT is working on contain a greater energy density and possibly a lower failure rate. More energy density could potentially mean lighter batteries or greater capacity for energy overall.

Either way, we won't know what Lamborghini and MIT are revealing until EmTech 2017 next week. It could be anything from a glorified tech demo to the debut of a brand new car. All we know is something new is coming!




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Comments (2)


      3 years ago
  • I hope it's a new car and not a concept, with the Urus coming and it's last sportscar being the "low" tier Huracan Performante (not counting the Centenario since i have no idea how long it's been around) i think we're due a new proper bull

      3 years ago