- Lamborghini Urus launch, photographed by Jacopo Raule

Lamborghini launches Urus ‘super-SUV’ at Sant’Agata, tying it to LM002

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Lamborghini has unveiled its Urus, the production version of its ‘super-SUV’ originally previewed in 2012 as a concept.

Named after the ancestor of modern cattle, rather than a Spanish fighting bull as with many Lamborghinis, the Urus was shown at a première at the company’s home of Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

Like other luxury car makers not traditionally in the SUV market, Lamborghini has given the public years—and a licensed a Hot Wheels miniature to Mattel—to get used to the idea. Sister brand Bentley, also part of the Volkswagen group, had previewed an SUV years before the Bentayga, and Aston Martin is currently doing the same with its DBX concept, unveiled in 2015.

Grey and yellow Uruses take centre-stage. Photographed by Jacopo Raule.

Stefano Domenicali, photographed by Jacopo Raule.

Lamborghini tied in the Urus with the LM002 at the launch. Photographed by Jacopo Raule.

Other members of the Lamborghini family were there. Photographed by Jacopo Raule.

Lamborghini had ventured into the off-road market once before, with the LM002 of the mid-1980s, nicknamed the ‘Rambo Lambo’. That time, Lamborghini had purposely built a vehicle that could be used for serious off-roading, with the intent of selling it to the oil exploration industry, and powered it with V12s from the Countach supercar and powerboats.

This time, it’s all more civilized, with the Urus meant more for roads with the occasional jaunt off the Tarmac. Being part of the Volkswagen group, there are commonalities under the skin with the Porsche Cayenne.

Nevertheless, Lamborghini still showed an example of the LM002 at the launch, as well as its current Aventador and Huracán sport models.

The Urus shares the modern models’ angular styling, and a sleek window line to hide its taller proportions. It is not as extreme as the concept, but many of the details are shared. However, the production model has more conventional door handles and loses the louvres on the bonnet.

VIPs at the event included Diego Abatantuono, Loris Capirossi, Nerio Alessandri, Ranieri Niccoli, Davide Cassani, Ross Brawn, Peter Fill, Gianpaolo Dallara, Claudio Domenicali, Tomaso Trussardi, Borkert Mitja, Stefano Domenicali, Alberto Tomba, Audrey Tritto, Giovanni Perosino, Paolo Campinoti, Silvia Colombo, Katia Bassi, Paolo Gentiloni, Maurizio Reggiani, Matilde Zarcone, Valerio Staffelli, Nerio Alessandri, Matilde Zarcone and Valerio Staffelli, Diego Abatantuono, Romano Prodi, Maurizio Marcolin, Giancarlo Marocchi, Luca de Meo, Paolo Poma, Gian Paolo Montali, Claudio Cecchetto, Paolo Ciabatti, and Fabio Novembre.

The Urus goes on sale in 2018.


Originally published in Lucire, at lucire.com/insider/20171205/lamborghini-launches-urus-super-suv-at-santagata-tying-it-to-lm002-spiritual-predecessor/

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