- A learner Lamborghini?! - Image from Alamy Live News

Lamborghini "Learner" Car Costs £20,000 For 10 Driving Lessons!

46w ago


By Phil Bradley

This Lamborghini has been spotted in central London, branded up with "L" plates for learner drivers and a sign advertising driving lessons. Lessons are advertised at £20,000 for 10 lessons, making it a very expensive driving instructors car!

A learner Lamborghini! - Image from Alamy Live News

The car appears to be a marketing tool for Get Licensed, a company that helps learners find a driving instructor. The company purchased KSI's Lamborghini Aventador and teamed up with Yiannimize to create the 'ultimate learner experience', dubbing the Lamborghini as the 'Learnerghini', and creating what they call the fastest driving instructor car.

For those of us who can't afford the £20,000 to learn to drive in a Lamborghini, the company does offer some cheaper options! I'd hate to think how much damage repairs would cost on a car like that!

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