Lamborghini 'Matador' concept takes inspiration from the past to design a supercar of the future

Would this be the greatest Lamborghini supercar ever?

9w ago

Over the past few decades, Lamborgini has been known all over the world for creating some of the best and most creative looking concept cars. Some of them made it into production, but others didn't.

But here's what happens when Designer and engineer at Zenvo Automotive, Frederik Steve Kristensen has a stab at designing the ultimate Lamborghini.

This concept car dubbed the 'Matador' is a mixture of great Lamborghinis of old all mashed into one. For example, its rear-light shape and triangle side intake comes from the Countach, its C-pillar intake and two-part rear bumper is from a Diablo, its lower side intake and engine cover comes from a Murciélage and front nose and exhaust comes from the Aventador.

It is truly a great mixture of all the great raging bull features which have been brought forward to something we'd expect to see now. In a way, it reminds us of the brand new Sián which is about as mad as an Italian supercar gets in 2021.

Kristensen really went to town on this concept by drawing up sketches, making 3D models and using photoshop to create the best product possible and it's really paid off.

Powering the Matador is a twin-turbocharged 3.0L V12 which will work alongside two electric motors. The engine drives the rear wheels while the electric motors power the front ones, producing a total output of 1,400 hp.

In addition to all this power, Frederik has really thought through the aerodynamics of this supercar giving it many curves and intakes to maximise downforce. Some of the parts he includes are Lamborghini's ALA aerodynamics system, a shrink wrap construction, aero vectoring, and a flow-through design.

Is this the best Lamborghini you have ever seen?

DISCLAIMER: This is an independent rendering by Frederik Steve Kristensen and is not related to or endorsed by Lamborghini themselves.

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Comments (15)

  • I think it looks fantastic, and having a twin turbo V-12 with electric motors is awesome! I think Lamborghini would be wise to build this car, possibly change the name. It is truly a breathtakingly beautiful design. Being a HUGE Lamborghini fan, it certainly gets my vote. 🤩

      2 months ago
  • I like the disclaimer. You should place it at the beginning of all these random render articles that have nothing to do with the actual manufacturer.

      2 months ago
  • Oh, it's another Lamborghini designed by someone who doesn't work at Lamborghini so it will never become a Lamborghini. Ok.

      2 months ago
  • Question: where’s the bloody doors?

      2 months ago
  • I’d like to see how the doors might open

      2 months ago