Lamborghini owner crashes Aventador SV in a spectactular fashion

Let's hope that buffs out...

4d ago

Despite the Lamborghini Aventador SV being a high-speed track weapon supercar, if it is in the hands of someone with limited skill, then the results may vary.

As you can see from this video posted on Instagram by @bhp, this bright yellow Aventador SV suffered a bit of a rear-punt.

The owner of this car was driving on a very slipperly wet surface when the car spun around and went straight into some tyres surrounding the area. It doesn't look as though anyone was injured, but the driver probably feels a little embarrased.

The rear of the car is probably in a rather bad way following this crash, but thankfully it hit tyres so hopefully it isn't too serious.

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Comments (5)

  • Ah, physics wins again. 🙄

      4 days ago
  • Nothing like getting on the REV limiter to prevent a crash..

      3 days ago
  • well that sucks... at least the aventador sounded good...

      3 days ago
  • I thiught it was that he suprised a crowd until I saw the video :P

      4 days ago
  • Car will be fine

      3 days ago