Lamborghini rumoured to be planning a four-door model for 2021

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According to Autocar, the Italian exotic maker is going to have a four-door model in production by 2021, cue much spitting of the finest Italian Espresso over immaculately coiffured Italian brogues.

If a four-door Lambo becomes a reality, the model would become the fourth in the narrow line up alongside the Huracan, Aventador and the upcoming Urus.

Lamborghini has been here before in 2008, with the front-engined Estoque concept that was eventually shelved in favour of the Urus model. This was due to the global economic crisis at the time, as in the finances simply were not available for both models. However, this four-door, four-seat layout, is the design favoured by senior figures within the company according to Autocar.

The introduction of any four-door model alongside the upcoming Urus will have a solitary aim, to help the brand reach its target of doubling global sales in a few short years. In 2016 Lamborghini moved over 3,400 cars bettering it's prior year by 7%. With the upcoming Urus, the potential is there to move well over the 4,000 sales marker and beyond.

Lamborghini has always done things its own way; take the LM002 as an example which is still completely insane and unrivaled all these years later in its own very un-Lambo like way. With the introduction of the Urus there is no doubt that Lamborghini is aiming for a part of the exploding global SUV market with any four-door model ramping up that attempt at world domination.

Not a lot of people know this, but there has been at least one Raging Bull with four-doors. This is the one-off Frua Faena which was the result of taking a two-door, four-seat Espada model, adding extra doors with a large amount of restyling.

A one-off, thankfully....

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