Lamborghini Squadra Corsa 18 Alston

Lambor first 1 of 1 car ever

When the name Lamborghini was heard, the stereotype was continuous and streamlined from the end to the end, gaining the favor of the majority of friends. Even if you don't know much about sports cars, you probably know that lambo has a car that is very familiar with the unique opening of the doors - Aventador

Lambo's Aventador has a advance version equipped ALA which is Superveloce Jota SVJ LP770-4, it broke the Porsche991 GT2 RS' record 6.47.25 in 2017 by 6.44.97 on July 24th but lambo did not smug for a long time, and then on November 2nd was broken by the Porsche GT2 RS MR with a score of 6.40.3 seconds pretty ironic.

The Lambo first edition ever

We've known there were too many manufacturer made the personal edition but seems like lambo didn't want to do. Such as Rolls-Royce sweptail, Koenigsegg final edition--Thor and Vader, Bugatti L'Or Blanc and the Pagani Hermès etc.

Pagani Newport Beach

Pagani Newport Beach

This time Lamborghini finally wanted to customize the vehicle for the customer, which is also a very good improvement. This means that this will attract more customers to buy them, and the marketing strategy has made some relative "compromise." This may be what some people are expecting.

Lamborghini squadra corse 18 Alston

This car just like Superveloce Jota SVJ were built on the platform based of Aventador. Therefore, this car can be legally on the road.

The extremely aero package isn’t simply about shock-and-awe. The lambor Squadra Corse involved there’s plenty of function in this part starting with the hood that incorporates air intakes based on the Huracán GT3 EVO. Further Huracán influence can be found on the sides and rear with the fenders, fins, and scoops inspired by the Super Trofeo EVO. The massive rear carbon fiber wing can be manually adjusted to three different positions for suitable downforce or smoother flow for top speed.

Mounted mid-ship is Lamborghini’s familiar 6.5-liter V12 in all its naturally aspirated glory. For the SC18 it’s tuned to produce 770 horsepower (this figure does remind me the the Centenario which showed in 2016 Geneva show has 770hp and called LP 770-4) ,720 N`M of torque, all running through a seven-speed gearbox. We’re not given any specifics as to how fast the SC18 is, but considering the new carbon fiber body and other “ultralight materials” . For instance we looked the WEC sliverstone Ferrari this year the carbon body was vulnerable and fragile just like piece of paper was tore down cruelly.

Being a one-off build for a single customer, we’ll probably never know the true capability of this machine. For that matter, we may never even see it again, so take your time and soak in this devilishly awesome hypercar.

The owner

Some of you might wonder who is this owner?I have the answer. He is the president of FFF-Automobile, owner of FFF Racing Team and the general dealer of Koenigsegg in China Songyang Fu. He is a car lover and we could see they've held the Ferrari fiesta Shanghai years age the set of Ferrari were belong to him.What i mean "a set" is Ferrari 250 Lusso 288GTO F40 F50 Enzo Laferrari .Besides he is waiting Mclaren Senna Speedtail,Bugatti Chiron sport,Aston Martin Valkyrie by the way.

Credit fusongyang

Credit fusongyang


Personally started to be attracted by the front face of this car. It looks very fierce and aggresive. It is more attractive to me than Aventador's traditional streamlined.

Image from WB

Image from WB

For the rear, the tail looks similar to the Veneno, and the red of the hood remind me that same line with the circle on sesto elemento bonnet red circle . Personally, I don't particularly like the design of this hood.

Sean fu

Sean fu

The central control of Alston quite similar with Veneno.

Sean fu

Sean fu

The human-computer interaction area is similar to Aventador.Personally have not been interested in the brand of lambo, but this car is particularly fond of at least the front face.

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