Lamborghini Squadra Corse teases new racecar – Where will it compete?

In a video, Lamborghini has teased a new creation by Squadra Corse based on the Huracan Evo. The question is, what category is it destined to compete

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Earlier this week, the racing community’s excitement levels were sent sky high as a new video was posted to the Lamborghini YouTube page. Teasing dark shots of what looks like an upcoming creation based on the Huracan Evo by the manufacturer’s racing team, Squadra Corse, the video hints at an upcoming racecar.

The video is simply a combination of panning shots looking at the car’s sharp edges and aggressive angles clearly designed to cut through the air like nothing else.

Towering over the rest of the car, the rear wing seems to be complemented by a shark fin similar to that of the Super Trofeo model. Just like the gentleman’s single make racer, the new creation also features a large roof scoop to send vital air to the engine. Unlike any other Lamborghini model however, the Huracan’s lights have seemingly been drastically modified in their design dropping the iconic look of the base model’s daytime running LEDs. Adding to the aggression of the new race-spec Huracan seem to be vents over the rear wheel wells.

What will the new car run in?

With the SRO Motorsports Group going from strength to strength and international sportscar racing entering a new era of competition, any motorsport news gets petrolheads’ hearts pumping. In fact, the possibility of a Lamborghini competing at Le Mans or a new addition to the young GT2 class are thrilling to think about.

Although GT3 is a popular category today, it is very unlikely that Lamborghini is developing yet another iteration of its entry to the class. The current GT3 Evo was only released in 2018 with the brand saying it wasn’t looking to create a new car before 2026. Furthermore, a new Super Trofeo model looks unlikely for the same reason. Given that Le Mans Hypercar is a major commitment for a brand, it would be odd for Lamborghini to announce its entry through a simple video like this. One would expect a large press event for something of that magnitude.

In terms of racing categories then, GT2 is the most logical option for this car to compete in.

That being said, past teaser videos from the Italian brand have been only dispointing to those hoping for a new Lamborghini GT challenger. Last year, a similar teaser video was sent out giving GT fans around the world hope with the final product being the one-off track only SC20, a model destined to live out its life probably sat in a rich person’s garage.

All we can do now is wait until the car’s official unveiling at which point we’ll finally find out what the model is built for. What do you think the next Lamborghini racecar will compete in?

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Comments (4)

  • they already have a GT2 car, and they announced they are doing a second Huracan GT3 Evo kit in a couple of years

      4 days ago
    • The car currently used in GT2 is just a modified version of the super trofeo car.

        3 days ago
  • I think its the new "sesto elemento"

      6 days ago
    • There are definitely some nods to the Sesto Elemento's styling.

        5 days ago