Lamborghini, then vs now

    Lamborghini have changed a lot throughout the years and I wanted to know, do you like their older or newer cars better? P.s- I finally found the Aventador Miura Homage but I also found the Countach pace car which I was very pleased about.

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    • Ahhh, you've found the Miura Hommage!

        2 years ago
      • Yes, I finally did! I'm still looking for the RS6 though.... How's your shelf looking?

          2 years ago
      • I'll give it a snapshot and send it here when I'm home next week. I've got some new stuff, including 50 ann. Camaro cars along with iroc-z :D

          2 years ago
    • Very best of luck with your exams,Matthew,I shall be keeping everything crossed!,I have to admit I’m old-fashioned,I prefer the Countach Pace Car,just because I had a Supercars Calendar many years ago,featuring the then upcoming Countach,and I fell in love,so I have a real fondness for the Countach.🤞🏻😃XX

        2 years ago
      • Oh yes, the Countach is a car that is definitely worth being fond of. Luckily I have just finished my exams so I'm very very happy. Thanks Erica

          2 years ago


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