- 1 of 1 Lamborghini Urus clock

Lamborghini Urus - Broken to beautiful

This is the type of recycling you DO love! Turning broke car parts into stunning interior accessories

What do you do when you've just demolished your $15.000 carbon ceramic Lamborghini Urus brake disc?! It is the story of a very unfortunate and not so bright Urus owner. After blasting his Urus around a race track and getting it dirty, he thought it would be a great idea to wash his car immediately after coming back to the pits... Well, this turned out be a incredibly costly mistake.

The discs were still boiling hot from slowing down the 2.2 tonne super SUV and the owner hadn't thought of the effects when something extremely hot is cooled down nearly instantly. And so, the owner happily started spraying his car with cold water, thus resulting in the front left brake disc to crack across the entire surface. The total damage was huge, because the disc could not be repaired or ever used again, and bear in mind these discs take two months to make.

From broken to beautiful

What to do with a unusable Lamborghini Urus brake disc? Well that is what the guys at Automotive Interior Exclusives thought as well and they made something incredible with this disc. They created this: a hand-made, one of one, Lamborghini Urus brake disc clock. The clock is finished with a matte carbon fiber interface and aluminium clock hands.

*If interested, the clock is for sale, you can visit the link below and come in contact!

What is Automotive Interior Exclusives?

Love cars, love your interior – Automotive Interior Exclusives was established in 2019 and arose from a true passion for the super- and hypercar. Our aspiration is to materialise the fiery passion for the automobile. By exclusively using authentic car parts from the planets most desirable supercars an unmatched level of excellence is achieved. Respectively converting a devestating accident into a stunning reincarnation of the mighty supercar.

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