Lamborghini will continue to resist autonomy in its cars for as long as possible

Want a self driving Raging Bull? – According to Lamborghini CEO, you'll be waiting a very long time

3y ago

Lamborghini will finally join the masses later this year by adding an SUV to their line-up with the addition of the Urus. I can hear some of you howling in pain at the very thought but with this revelation comes the good news that the Italian exotic carmaker has no plans to make any of it's supercars autonomous in the near future.

Head of R&D Maurizio Reggiani stated that Lamborghini would hold out as long as possible against the threat of self-driving Raging Bulls so don’t expect a Huracan or Aventador to be piloting itself anytime soon.

During an interview with Digital Trends at the recent Frankfurt motorshow, Reggiani spoke of the companies reluctance as it will detract from the pleasure of driving a Lamborghini saying “If you buy a Lamborghini, you buy it to have fun and enjoy the driving," going onto to confirm their determination to hold out against the trend saying "If we’re talking real autonomous driving, I think we will be the last brand to offer it."

And don’t think that the upcoming Urus SUV will be borrowing tech from its parent company Audi either. The German carmaker is aiming to produce a fully self-driving car by 2025. Lamborghini has confirmed that their new SUV will only borrow the driver assist tech such as the adaptive cruise control along with the lane keeping system from the current Q7 model.

With pretty much every carmaker working to develop an autonomous system of some description or another with the exception being Tesla, who beat everyone to the finish line by ensuring a standard fit system across its entire model range. Given the pace of change and advancement, you can be sure that autonomy is coming to a majority of cars in the next decade in some form, but be rest assured that Lamborghini will hold out for as long as possible to keep the driver firmly in control.

Is this a brave move by Lamborghini as they are cars that should be driven? Or is it a failure to keep up with advancing tech? Discuss in the #supercars live chat below.

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  • You buy these types of cars to drive them, thank god!

      3 years ago
  • The fun cars like muscle cars, sports cars, and super/hyper cars should not be autonomous. This is a good decision.

      3 years ago
  • If you don’t agree with this then get off drivetribe haha

      3 years ago
  • good

      3 years ago
  • A Lamborghini is bought to be driven and enjoyed not to be transported from A to B.

      3 years ago