Lamborghini will revive yet another V12 icon this year

Probably the Miura or the Countach LP500

The modern-day Countach LPI 800-4 was received with mixed feelings but it did exactly what Lambo expected it to do: it sold like hot cakes. All 112 units planned have already been allocated to customers who apparently don‘t mind paying 2.6 million dollars for a redesigned Siàn. Good on them.

Meanwhile, Lamborghini has been teasing another upcoming V12-powered modern take on a classic icon and people are beginning to salivate.

They began a few weeks ago with a cryptic teaser video on social media showing closeups of a car seat and interior. Now they’ve shared another video showcasing a naturally aspirated V12 being assembled. Lambo says it will be "something out of the ordinary, something that springs from our iconic legacy."

So which classic icon is Lambo going to revive? There are two theories. Some say it could be Countach LP500 Prototype, which would make sense because they already have the platform - the LPI 800-4 - and because the original Countach LP500 Prototype debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971.

The alternative is a modern Miura SV, which would also make sense because 2021 also marks the 50th anniversary of the Miura SV. We’ll find out soon enough.

Should they build the Countach LP500 or the Miura SV?

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Comments (15)

  • If they do, I hope they do more than coachbuild one of their existing hypercars.

      24 days ago
  • How about a new V12 Tractor. They could at least bank on Clarkson buying one.

      24 days ago
  • No Lamborghini, bad. Stop reviving old nameplates and making them worse

      21 days ago
  • espadaaaaaaa pleasee.... espadaaaaaa

      20 days ago
  • It could be something like 200 continuation models of the Miura like what Jaguar did of the E-Type recently and the DB5 for Aston possibly but it could be another modern interpretation of a classic

      23 days ago