Lamborghini's Bold Plan To Take Charge Of The Electric Car Market

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Lamborghini is clearly fed up. For 10 years they've sat by and watched Tesla embarrass car manufacturers with their 'Ludicrous' acceleration and non-V12 soundtrack. But the raging bull has a bold plan that will make their electric cars lighter and faster than anything that is currently available.

Since 2017, Lamborghini engineers have been working with MIT's best to develop a supercapacitor that will triple the storage capacity of those currently used. Supercapacitors are far lighter than the current batteries used in EVs, and they have the added advantage of not degrading over time.

Two years into their four-year project, the team has announced that they have successfully been able to double the energy storage of what was previously thought possible. This was accomplished by the invention of a new material that allows increased energy storage. Lamborghini is taking a slightly insane long-shot, but if they are successful it will disrupt the EV market and tip the scales back in their favor.

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  • I’m all for an electric Lamborghini as long as they continue producing a V12 flagship supercar.

    3 days ago
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  • So, less Raging Bull and more Charging Bull... ok, I'll get my coat..

    1 day ago
    5 Bumps


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