Lamborghini's first luxury yacht has been delivered to MMA star Conor McGregor

The famous MMA fighter is going to have some fun with this $3.9 million toy

7w ago

Lamborghini's first-ever yacht has been delivered to Conor McGregor – the first lucky person to own such a thing.

This $3.9 million bespoke yacht named Tecnomar 63 is one of just 63 ever to be made and it is a 63 foot, 4000bhp, dual V12 engines, rocket ship, as McGregor describes it. It is otherwise known as the “Supercar of the Sea."

In an Instagram post a while back, McGregor said: "I am honoured to secure the Number 12 edition of just 63 to be made. 1963 being the year Lamborghini first began, and 12 being, well you know Twelve! Proper F**king Twelve baby!"

This yacht is finished in a shade of green to pay homage to his Irish roots and has even been kitted out with a whiskey bar as he owns a company that makes that alcoholic beverage.

The Tecnomar was made alongside the Lamborghini Sian which looks not too dissimilar to this yacht. We don't know if Conor has bought one of those as well, but we wouldn't be surprised if he had.

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  • Also Conor McGregor: got his arse kicked and leg broken by a man who's clearly and absolutely better than him and got so salty he's threatened that winner's family

    But that's beside the boat, I mean point.

      1 month ago
  • A fool and his money are easily parted

      1 month ago
  • Yer lyk dags

      1 month ago
  • I need one

      1 month ago
  • Like all boats, it's going to cost a easy million or two to run and after a couple of years be worthless

      1 month ago