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Lamborghini's real estate development in Dubai has sold out

The gated community in the Dubai Hills Estate is set to be completed by 2026

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One of the more surprising types of diversification from luxury car brands in recent years is to move into real estate. Aston Martin is backing a development in Miami, Florida under the branding of Aston Martin Residences. These Aston Martin Residences do look like a pretty swanky place to be, with views of the gorgeous Miami coastline and all the luxury features and amenities you'd expect from a multi-million dollar condo. It seems like Lamborghini has not only taken a slice of that pie too, but has also been pretty successful with it. A development in Dubai backed by the legendary Italian manufacturer has already been completely sold out!

Image: Lamborghini

Image: Lamborghini

The development will be a gated community in the Dubai Hills Estate and is set to be completed by 2026. Unlike the Aston Martin development, this will comprise of "standalone multi-tiered villas in expansive gardens" with a typically Dubai-style architecture. The interiors of each house will be "inspired by the design of Lamborghini super sports cars," something that you can definitely see in the renderings Lamborghini has already done of what these houses could look like inside. The owners of each house will be able to choose to furnish their villas with "exclusive Lamborghini furniture collections that will bring Lamborghini’s essence to their everyday life." Sounds good, if you're a huge Lamborghini enthusiast!

Coincidentally (and perhaps somewhat appropriately), the Dubai Hills Estate isn't that far from the Dubai Autodrome. Maybe Lamborghini could use this to pull a few strings regarding driving experiences and track days for owners of the new Lamborghini-backed houses? It's certainly something that could be worth considering.

Image: Lamborghini

Image: Lamborghini

"The Dubai Hills Vista development is elegant, uncompromising, luxury living at its highest level, that echoes the Lamborghini principles of benchmarking design, quality, and exclusivity," stated Federico Foschini, Lamborghini's Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. It certainly looks like Lamborghini could be living up to its word here...

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  • Dude I don't get the hype , about Dubai n around, why would u spend millions and live there when the place is melting by heat already . It was inhabitable even before they staarted buildin it. and its gonna heat up more. Who the fuck came up and said this seems a good idea this place with some camels needs a daaamn city , and they built it and (it is bussin) but... ahhhhh fu** it. And whats up with opec nowadays.

      6 days ago
    • Don’t take it from the heat. :/

      They can make plants exactly like the crops with a machine believe it or not. It tastes exactly the same and don’t harmless at all. They’re improving on environmental issues but don’t let that stop you. It’s...

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        5 days ago
    • Yeaah ik. Its just too much bill burr . But I'd still take sardinia or saint tropez 😂

        5 days ago
  • Do the doors open normally or are they scissor doors?

      6 days ago
  • Someone who owns one of these houses needs to turn up in a Dacia...

      4 days ago
  • 😂😂 also "Dubai style architecture" what! sands ,lol there isn't any! Why don't they just call it modernist, which it is ,

      6 days ago