Lamborghini's Twitter gets weird

      Can someone explain to me what is happening here?

      8w ago


      While the long term health effects of Covid-19 are still largely unknown, something took control of the brains of Lamborghini's marketing team. Three images were posted to their official Twitter account of what appears to be an advertisement for the Huracan EVO Spyder. Two of the images include an "alien" figure that I can only assume is a homage to the Greendale Human Beings. It appears to be relieving itself on the front left tire in Image A and investigates the possibilities of driving the Lambo backwards in Image C. Maybe it's just accustomed to parking Countaches and is taking in all that rearward visibility.

      @Lamborghini on Twitter

      @Lamborghini on Twitter

      Image B is the creepiest of them all, and doesn't even feature the alien guy. It's just on open hood pointing towards the sky, as viewed from the driver's seat, in front of a hill. I just don't get the metaphor...? The hood is shaped like a mountain and the paint color is sky blue, I guess? Pointing to the coordinates where the alien thing came from?

      @Lamborghini on Twitter

      @Lamborghini on Twitter

      Regardless of what Lamborghini's social media team's intent was, they sure got Twitter talking about them, and that's always street's ahead.

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      • Lambo is high on some solid stuff

          2 months ago
      • That's why I love Italian car makers. They're all on acid!

          2 months ago
      • Smoking something I think! Maybe Lamborghini think that aliens see Lamborghinis as space ships! Wishful thinking but that got past a team of marketeers so either someone is a brilliant sales person or too much power overriding what others think.

          1 month ago
      • Great, now we will see Lambo owners still revving the ass out of there cars, at cars and coffee, but now wearing full one piece unitards..... 2020, what have you done ???

          2 months ago
      • Nothing to see here

          1 month ago


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