LamboV10's Test Drive Unlimited 3 Concept Art

25w ago


*Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this is completely unofficial, it’s not made by Bigben Interactive, it’s entirely made by me. All that you see in this post belongs to its respective authors*

TDU3 - Online car meet in Taormina

A Lamborghini Huracàn, a Ferrari 488 and a Ford GT should be quite common in online meets

This is what i imagine a possible TDU3 online car meet to be. You basically drive up to some specific locations, called ‘lookout points’, or ‘meeting points’, where you can meet with your friends or other players, chat with them, show them your brand new Ferrari, etc…

I chose Taormina as the background because i consider Sicily to be a perfect location for a third TDU, since it’s got nice roads perfect for driving, good weather, great views, beaches, sea, basically everything a TDU island needs.

TDU3 - Battle of Legends

Who are you rooting for? The RWD, V6-powered Lancia or the AWD, inline-5 Audi?

This picture shows a race between two rally legends from the past: a Lancia Stratos HF and an Audi Sport quattro.

The background is the Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples) near Agrigento, Sicily, a location definitely not meant for a car race, but interesting nonetheless, with great views and nice roads.

TDU3 - A day at the beach

You can't deny the fact that the Stelvio is the only good SUV currently on sale, i mean just look at it!

One of the things that made the first two TDUs great was the fact that they weren’t just about racing, they were also about living the good life. And driving a red Stelvio on a golden Hawaiian beach definitely seems like a really good way to spend your life.

In case you’re wondering, yes, the island you see here is indeed O’ahu from the first two TDUs.

TDU3 - Diamond Head Alfa Romeo Club

The super fast Giulia Quadrifoglio, the light and nimble 4C and the stunning and ultra-rare 8C Disco Volante are among the most beautiful cars of all time

One of TDU’s best features were the clubs. People could join a club or create their own. You could meet with your friends, chat with people, share custom races, and do other club-related things. Nowadays, it seems to me that games do not have this particular feature, of feature it in different, less immersive ways than the TDU games did. When it comes to clubs, i’m sure that TDU3 will smash the competition, if it ever gets released, that is.

TDU3 - Cruising with the friends

It's not common to see this many supercars in a single place, unless you live in Dubai or you're playing TDU

One of TDU’s least impressive features is the online freeroam. Sure, it was mind-blowing back in 2006, when TDU1 first launched, but nowadays every open world AAA racing game has that feature at launch (*cough* *cough* NFS Payback *cough* *cough*), which makes TDU’s online free roam look outdated. But i’m sure there are still ways to improve it, and if TDU3’s developers are able to take all of the current online free roam features from the other games and combine them with new ones that will undoubtedly create the best online free roam experience you can imagine. If TDU3 ever comes out, that is.

Thank you for reading my post. If you want a new TDU game, how do you want it to be? What do you want it to have?