Land of the Rising Sun-day: Racing Cousins From Gunma Edition

Subaru BRZ STi GT300 and the Subaru WRX STi Nurburgring Challenge

Tomica is on a roll this past year with their Subarus. Or may be I am realizing it just now. At some point, I will post individual pics of the BRZ and the WRX STi, but today I am reposting something from the old digs in Kinja.

The BRZ is the #61 car run by the R&D Sport team from the Super GT series. I dont have much to write about the car since the GT300 series does not seem to get a lot of coverage (in English) outside Japan, South Korea and Malaysia where the races are run. This mean looking 2018 R&D Motorsports BRZ finished 8th overall in the 8 race championship, winning 1 race (from pole) and finished 3rd in another, with 3 retirements.

The #90 WRX STi is the car that scored 2 consecutive class wins at the Nurburgring 24 Hours in 2105 and 2016 and was leading the 2017 race until it caught fire 20 hours in to the race. The #90 car returned to the podium in 2018, scoring another class win, the 5th for Subaru.

Both these are rather cool looking models. The STi has a removable wing, but I guess that is more to fit the model in the standard sized Tomica Premium box.

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Comments (3)

  • The livery is simply gorgeous.

      8 months ago
  • It's baffling that Poyphony loaded a GT3-fied WRX instead of the BRZ GT300 in Gran Turismo Sport, because the BRZ just works better. Much like these models.

      8 months ago