Land Rover confirms we'll see new Defender in 2019 – and here it is (sort of)

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5w ago


Land Rover's started teasing the all-new replacement for the Defender in a fairly low-res image posted on the brand's US media site yesterday.

The image, which is captioned with 'Do not unwrap until 2019' (and somewhat ominously labelled 'December 27' – presumably the date of further information), shows the brand's new utilitarian 4x4 backing out of a trailer, resplendent in prototype camouflage.

We're being somewhat presumptuous that what you can see is actually the new Defender, but given its boxy dimensions, chunky tyres and the fact the Defender's been off sale since the start of 2016 means we're pretty hopeful that's what this is.

Doubtless this image is the start of an extensive campaign of teasing by the brand ahead of a reveal in 2019 – we'll keep you updated with more info as we get it.

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Comments (14)
  • You will never best the old defender, I just don't think they should have stopped building the old shape!

    1 month ago
  • I just hope it is a basic thing and doesn't have all the electronic frippery that LR are obsessed with but which they have virtually no ability to implement without extravagant cost and regular failure. No air suspension, especially.

    It needs to be a bigger Jimny, but I just know LR won't be able to help themselves and we will see a utilitarian Disco, with all its attendant electrics and associated problems.

    1 month ago
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